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We are the local agency in the Canterbury community. We work hard to build up our agency and earn reputation as a local agency with high standards and great commitment to our clients.


The company was opened in the year 2015, and the office was located in Ryde. After months of working hard and building up the agency, the office was then moved to Canterbury in early 2017, and still currently located in Canterbury.

We take great pride in our services and staffs who are willing to learn, are honest and work professionally. Our agents are well known to approach the clients in a well-behaved friendly manner. By teaching our staffs how to compare and find data, they have gained experience to be an excellent team and achieve amazing results. We provide services to not only residential market, but to the commercial market as well. Our management team is very hard working and on top of their feet when it comes to fixing a problem for the landlord.

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