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Switching to our agency is simple & easy


Did you know you can change your property manager without upsetting your tenants and during a fixed term lease?
There is no cost and no hassle it's simple and easy,
so why not join us Today.


 # 1 - Fill in a few simple forms

You can appoint coopers to manage your investment property. Simply fill in the form below, call 02 9789 7475 or send us a quick email to with all your contact details and we will send you the required paperwork to complete.


# 2 - We do the rest

- Our team will organise for the tenant to be notified, a property inspection will be arranged and all the documentation and keys to be collected from your previous agent.

- We do all the work and you do not even have to call or correspond with your current agency at all during this time.


# 3 - Enjoy the Our Difference

- Congratulations your property will now be managed by our expert team and you can start to experience our difference!

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