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At Sydney Property Academy, we do our best to make sure everything we do is at the highest quality and the greatest experience ever met. We compare market data based on the area of your property and other areas, to seek the best price for your property.


We work hard so that your property have the best possible outcome, by offering a variety of marketing techniques. We listen to your opinions and what you look forward to, and then we help to narrow the options down to what suits best.


We keep you updated every step of the way, until we achieve the best price for your property.



What is my property worth?


We also do appraisals when requested, whether it is for selling or for research. It will only take a few minutes to give an appraisal to your property. The faster you act, the quicker the results.


Appraisals are free of cost, so contact us today and one of our experienced agents will make an appointment with you.


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