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Human nature tells us that someone will be upset at us at some stage, maybe by their actions or what they say. It’s inevitable! You become defensive, your temperature rises and your calm soon turns to agitation. How do you handle conflict with tenants? What strategies do you use to manage touchy situations, but still maintain a good long-term relationship with your tenant? It’s not always easy, but here are a few tips that can help:

  1. The other person may be wrong, but you don’t have to tell them so! What can be gained by proving them wrong? Is it your pride that wants to tell them? Often what is more important than your pride is the relationship.

  2. Be willing to admit it when you’re wrong, even in the slightest way. Often our natural defense is to defend our mistakes and make excuses. Be humble and apologize, this alone can diffuse an argument.

  3. Let the other person talk first and listen. When you’re angry you find yourself getting your next attack ready rather than listening. Try to identify with what they are saying and feeling, look at it from their perspective and be sympathetic and bite your tongue.

  4. Validate their feelings. Let them know that you have listened. Let them know you want a solution.

  5. Don’t raise your voice and be condescending. That may move a mildly confronting discussion to an argument within seconds.

Sometimes you can make the problem go away with some simple alterations to how you handle the initial conversation. You will not be able to please every single tenant, financially that doesn’t make sense but you are in control of your actions and responses. Managing them well can make your job so much easier and affect the way you interact with those around you.


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