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Sometimes ‘out with old and in the new’ is a great concept but certainly not in the case of our service and how we deal with people on a day to day basis.

Time is important to us all! However sometimes in order to save time we can forget the little things that can make a difference. Here are some tips when dealing with prospective tenants:

Email and SMS are great ways of communicating – but for a tenant who is elderly, they may not have email, or even though they have a mobile phone they may not be as ‘savvy’ with the functionality of the phone. There is a lot to be said for picking up the phone or confirming things in writing and posting.

Providing privacy – we do not know the personal circumstances that surround the people that we meet. Standing in a property whilst other prospective tenants are viewing the property may not be the appropriate time to discuss finances, or the reasons why they have to move.

Rewards – tenants are often reprimanded when they don’t do the right thing so, why not reward them when they do? A comment on how they have decorated a room, a ‘best kept room’ award for a tenants son or daughter or even a simple gesture of leaving or sending a card to say ‘great job’ after #an inspection# can really encourage.

Sometimes owning an investment property and all that it entails, while also working and spending time with family etc. can be frantic, but in trying to manage the day to day, let’s be careful that our methods of dealing with situations or people are not detrimental to the ongoing relationship!


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