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The online presentation of your property does warrant regular review. Not only does it allow you to maintain the “right” marketing of your investment, but the description and pictures used may determine the level of interest achieved, the quality of tenant applications received and the rental return. An undetailed description, lack of images or images at a low resolution may damage your ability to market the property.

Currently, it’s common practice to use standard descriptions and pictures when letting or re-letting a property. However, as the local area and the property itself develop and change, it’s essential to update the pictures and descriptions of the property.

When listing your property, it’s important to take a minimum of 15 pictures. If the property is too small, don’t hesitate to take pictures of the street view, local amenities like schools, parks and shopping centres. Always lead with the “top shots” – the images that sell the property the best or highlight its best features.

Descriptions can come in various forms, but should be detailed and be comprehensive. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms need to be highlighted, car parking, storage, dishwashers, heating, fenced or non-fenced yard, condition/age of property (is it character or modern). Does the rent include lawn maintenance? What are the local amenities? What public transport is available? Are pets allowed? Does the property include any furniture?

It’s important to ensure your descriptions highlight all the property’s benefits and features and to not assume that potential tenants will believe that the property includes something. Simply make it clear.


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