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There is only one Ingoing #Inspection# and one Outgoing Inspection. Ensuring they are done professionally and thoroughly can make the difference between being protected and being left out of pocket.

Unfortunately there have been too many property #inspections# by self-managing landlords (and unfortunately some property managers) having recorded for each room and item as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ and ‘clean’, with no detail or any real recording substance. Even more disheartening for a landlord is when they are unable to claim back any expenses as there is no evidence on the ingoing #inspection# registering how the property was before the tenancy began.

Ingoing #inspections# should not just make reference to a room or fixture’s cleanliness. It must have specific details of the type of fixture’s and fittings. Imagine if your tenant upon vacating your property, thinks that your bedroom curtains would perfectly suit their new home, can you verify from looking at your ingoing #inspection# report, the type and quality of the missing fitting? If there is to be an insurance claim, do you know exactly what you can claim?

A general walk through each room will certainly risk things being missed and you cannot rely on a tenant’s honesty in reporting defects or damage. These entry and exit #inspections# can often be time consuming, but certainly well worth the effort to ensure that you are protected to the highest degree. Attention to detail and supporting photographs will ensure that your property is handed back to you as it was when the tenant moved in.

Remember also that regular #inspections# are a must on all properties. Regular #Inspections# can ensure that your tenant is keeping the inside clean and maintaining the grounds. You can also monitor ongoing maintenance or repairs that are needed on the property.


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