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It’s easy to get busy throughout the year and lose track of exactly what’s happening with your portfolio – but there’s one crucial step that you need to stay on top of. If I were to say what I hated most about property investing, it would be the paperwork.

But it’s a necessary evil that must be kept in order, otherwise your accountant kicks you in the bum and makes it twice as hard… or charges you twice as much. Tax time is also a great time to review your insurances on your properties. Yes, it’s a painstaking task but it can save you hundreds or thousands per annum. If one particular insurer is affected by a major event (like a bushfire) then they can increase premiums across the board, so checking is vital.

While you’re at it, have a look over your credit cards and see if there are any better deals out there for you, in both interest rates along with loyalty programs. At the same time, take five minutes and review the rents you receive on your portfolio and compare them to rents available on Get them up if they’re a little low. Be proactive, there's no point waiting for interest rates to go up and then crying poor... make adjustments now.

Review your loan interest rates. Great fixed rates are common, but fluctuate often. Lock them in while they are low, not when they are going up. Be proactive not reactive in this area.

Work out your cash position and see if by locking in a great rate now, could you invest in another property to create more wealth?

You have been warned…

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